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Despite being a fashionable saint’s name in France, Corentin is relatively unheard of outside the country of the Franks. Which makes this an obscure international choice ripe for the picking. Ooh la la! However it comes with a storm of a meaning-hurricane in Breton, a Celtic language originating from medieval Armorica (now known as Brittany).

So how exactly is this pronounced? Koh ro tawn? Koh ro tan? Koh ro tin? Either of those could be right, the first two likely the French pronounciations according to my sources-but please excuse my French it is pretty non-existant…

As mentioned above Corentin is a religious name, to be more exact it is the name of the patron saint of seafood (the namesake of St. Corentin’s Cathedral in Quimper). Saint Corentinus (d.460 AD), regarded as one of seven founder saints of Brittany was a hermit at Plomodiern. Legend has it that Corentin made daily use of a miraculous fish by cutting a piece of it to nourish himself, it would then regrow its parts…Hence why his symbol is the fish.

Other Namesakes:

Corentin Louis Kervran-Breton scientist most known for his belief in biological transmutation
Corentin Corre-1891 Breton cyclist
Corentin Feldoe-Comic book hero (by Paul Cuvelier) first appearance in Tintin before having his own adventures

Possible Middle Names:

Corentin Ambrose | Corentin Asa | Corentin Blaise | Corentin Bryce | Corentin Darnell | Corentin Ezra | Corentin Fairfax | Corentin Hugh | Corentin Isaac | Corentin Leo | Corentin Leslie | Corentin Levi | Corentin Matthew | Corentin Paul | Corentin Rafe | Corentin Sage

Possible Sibling Names:

Thierry | Gabriel | Hugo | Lucas | Emeric | Julian | Sebastien | Louis | Thibault | Etienne | Nathanael | Leopold |
Lola | Anais | Clemence | Mathilde | Elsa | Stella | Melina | Amelie | Blanche | Juliette | Anouk | Penelope

Overall Corentin is a fabulous rare gem, so if you are looking for a  boy’s name with history, weight and international flair this might work for you.


5 comments on “Corentin

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    November 6, 2012

    Hi Via, nice to see you back!

    I love this name, and I think it would work well in an English accent, reminding us of similar names, such as Corey.

    This is yet another name I’ve suggested to hubby – “computer says no”! :)

  2. tesniandthepickletree
    November 8, 2012

    And nice to see you too, Anna!

    Interesting that you said it reminds you of Corey, because Corey could work as a nickname especially for those who find it a little out there and want something to ground it down.

    Sad that your husband said no, it is a great name! :)

  3. Amethyst
    November 8, 2012

    You may want to rethink Idris and Elif. They are more Islamic names (the former is Arabic, the latter Turkish). I don’t think they would really fit a sibling with a Breton saint’s name.
    But nice blog. I look forward to reading more. :) I love Corentin, btw.

    • namingthefishes
      November 8, 2012

      I was thinking more of their popularity on the French charts but thanks for the tip! Idris is also a Welsh name that means ardent lord. :)

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