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Getting to Miri

This post is inspired from the fabulous “Getting To…” series Abby at Appellation Mountain has created. If you haven’t already check it out, especially if you love nickname-ish names like Nell or Coco and prefer something longer and more formal. This will probably be the only post I do akin to this style because there is only really one nickname I want to profile. Today I’m going to play with a few options that create more formal outcomes for the bouncy, upbeat Miri.

The Familar and Homely

Miranda | Derived from the latin Mirandus meaning “Admirable, wonderful.” A gutsy and independent Shakespearian heroine in “The Tempest” (1611) wore this name. |

Miriam/Miryam |Original Hebrew form of Mary, the meaning is disputed could be anything from “bitter” to “wished for child.” |

Slightly Less Familar

Mira | Means “sea, ocean” in Sanskrit. |
Mirabel | Derived from Latin mirabilis meaning “wonderful.” |
Miracle | The English word to describe an extraordinary event. |
Mireille | Deriving from the the Provençal word mirar meaning “to admire”. |
Mirren | A Scottish pet form of Marion and a surname. |

A Little More Exotic

Mireya |Variant of Mireille, see meaning above. |
Mirta | Means “myrtle” in Croatian. |
Mirlande |Mirlande Manigat a Haitian politician is a namesake, name meaning unknown. |
Amira | Feminine form of Amir meaning princess in Arabic, but also means “treetop” in Hebrew. |
Samira |Means “companion in evening talk” in Arabic. |

3-Syllable Dazzlers 

Casimira | Feminine form of Casimir  meaning “destroying peace.” |
Edelmira | Spanish feminine form of Adelmar meaning “noble, famous.” |
Esmira | Variant of Esmerelda meaning “emerald.” |
Lubomira |Feminine form of Czech Lubomir meaning “love and peace.” |
Palmira | Feminine form of Palmiro meaning “pilgrim” in Italian. |
Radomira | Feminine form of Radomira meaning “care; great, famous.” |
Sumire | Means Violet in Japanese, pronounced Su-me-reh. |

Do you have a favourite? Which name out of these would you like me to do more research on? Discuss!


3 comments on “Getting to Miri

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    November 16, 2012

    Mireya and Sumire are gorgeous! They’re not common, but they don’t sound strange either.

  2. namingthefishes
    November 17, 2012

    Both names are exceptionally pretty, yes :)

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