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vandyck_st_jude472x600Thaddeus, antique with plenty of cool, upbeat variants. An interesting choice for a modern boy now.

As rankings go in the United States Thaddeus peaked in the 1910s at #351 and is currently #909. He does not rank in the United Kingdom or Australia for that matter.

Thaddeus is the Greek form of the Aramaic Thaddai meaning ‘heart or courageous heart,’ however this is not an absolute fact as it may also be a form of Theodore which means ‘God’s gift.’ Either way both meanings are quite positive. Pronounce it THAD-ee-as and you’re good to go.


Tadija | Tadeáš | Taddeo | Tadeusz | Tadeu | Faddei | Tadej


Jude Thaddaeus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus
Thaddeus of Edessa, one of the Seventy Disciples
Thaddeus Stevens, leader of the Radical Republicans during the American Civil War and Reconstruction
Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, American Civil War scientist and inventor
Thaddeus Cahill, inventor of the telharmonium
Doctor Thaddeus Venture, a lead character in television show The Venture Bros
Thaddeus Beaumont, main character in “The Dark Half” by Stephen King
Thaddeus Griffin, the evil twin brother of Peter Griffin from the television show Family Guy

Possible Middle Names:

Thaddeus Alexander | Thaddeus Bryant | Thaddeus Clark | Thaddeus Cole | Thaddeus Finlay | Thaddeus Henry | Thaddeus Jack | Thaddeus Levi | Thaddeus Milo | Thaddeus Vaughn | Thaddeus William

Possible Sibling Names:

Alban | Crispin | Edmund | Gideon | Hugh | Julian | Leander | Leopold | Quentin | Sebastian |
Adela | Beatrix | Cecilia | Eugenia | Felicity | Gloria | Helena | Julia | Lucretia | Veronica

Overall if you are looking for a name that is different, yet familar Thaddeus might just be the name.


4 comments on “Thaddeus

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    January 7, 2013

    I love the name Thaddeus – it seems hipster, yet the nickname Thad or Tad seems Western.

    • namingthefishes
      January 7, 2013

      Hipster would be the word to describe Thaddeus, it would be interesting to see how he fares in the future especially with the push for people to be innovative with naming. I could see Thaddeus on a list that supports that. As for Tad and Thad being Western, I can sort of see that but that’s probably because Tad reminds me of Todd.

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