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Born On Valentine’s Day

Cupid angels Wallpaper__yvt2I would call myself a romantic but I’m still not a fan of Valentine’s day due to the excessive commercialism and the idea of being romantic for only one day of the year. (Someone will probably rebut me on this). However I’ve been struck with an idea for a new blog series, so pushing my negativity aside I will play along with the Valentine theme. The blog series is called “Born on …. Day.” I will select 14 names that I find interesting, names of people who have been born on that particular day for e.g Valentine’s day. I’m hoping to continue this on through the year but we shall see (Christmas day edition might be cancelled or posted earlier as I will be out of the country at that time).

So without further ado here are some names to celebrate Valentine’s day:

  • Male

Enrique Enrique Florez, Spanish historian b.1701 | Spanish form of Henry meaning “home ruler.”

Fernando Fernando Sor (baptized), Spanish composer b. 1778 | Spanish and Portuguese form of Ferdinand meaning “eager for peace.”

Walenty Walenty Wańkowicz, Polish painter b.1799 | Polish form of Valentine meaning”strong, vigorous, healthy” in Latin.

Emory Emory Washburn, American politician, 22nd Governor of Massachusetts b. 1800 | Variant of Emery which is the Norman form of Emmerich meaning “work, labor.”

Radola | Radola Gajda, Czech military commander b.1892 | Radola is the name of a village and municipality in Kysucké Nové Mesto District in the Zilina Region of northern Slovakia.

Callix Callix Crabbe, US Virgin Islander baseball player, b 1983 | Respelling of the Latin name Calix meaning “wine cup.” 

RhydianRhydian Roberts, Welsh singer and reality show contestant b.1983 | Variant of the Welsh name Rhydwyn meaning “ford, crossing” and “white, fair, blessed.”

Sefa Sefa Yılmaz, German footballer b.1990 | Old Norse female form of Sefi meaning “tranquil, gentle.”

  • Female

Lucrezia Lucrezia de’ Medici, Duchess of Ferrara b.1545 | Italian form of Lucretia, a Roman name meaning “profit, wealth.”

Gerda Gerda Lundequist, Swedish actress b.1871 | Feminine form of German Gerd meaning “spear strength.” 

Florence Florence Henderson, American actress b.1934 | From the Latin name Florentius meaning “prosperous, flourishing.”

Soile | Soile Isokoski, Finnish soprano b.1957 | Finnish name meaning “glow of the northern polar lights.”

Sakina Sakina Jaffrey, Indian actress b. 1962 | Means “calmness, peace” in Arabic.

LenkaLenka Tvarošková, Slovak tennis player b.1982 | Originally a diminutive of Magdalena “from Magdala” and Helena “torch.”


4 comments on “Born On Valentine’s Day

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    February 16, 2013

    Ooh, I like your new look blog … a lovely collection of international Valentine’s Day names!

  2. namingthefishes
    February 16, 2013

    Thank you! I too love the new look, plus it coincided with a new haircut as well. :P

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  4. Evette
    January 21, 2014

    I have no idea what this site is all about. I will investigate. I was just looking for pictures of Cupid for my tattoo..But just wanted to say, I was born on Valentine’s Day…”1972 ..:)

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