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017Ratisbonne[Note: Due to me taking the A-Z blog challenge these name posts will be quite short due to my lack of organizing and juggling other projects. I may in time come back to these and add more information.]

Ardalion, from what I’ve gathered is a Greek masculine name for a certain water vessel or cup. It is possible that the Ancient Greeks derived this from the word Arda(s) meaning “river, current.” Or perhaps the word ardo meaning “to bedew.” Either way this name is quite associated with water, so if you are looking with something with a nature link that is more subtle this could work.

And then there is the saint association. Saint Ardalion was an actor who specialized in mocking Christianity, and who was very popular with pagan audiences. During his last performance he was struck with Divine grace and thus converted. Before his astonished audience he announced he was a Christian. Because of that he was arrested, condemned, and burned alive. He died a martyr around year 300 in Asia Minor. (High profile actor, pregnant and needing name advice? This could totally work).

Seeing that this is such an obscure name there is no surprise that it does not rank in any country I can find. But there has been some usage, especially in Russia:

  • Ardalion Ignatyev-Soviet athlete
  • Ardalion Rastov-Soviet Engineer and chief designer of both Kub and Buk self-propelled missile launchers.

3 comments on “Ardalion

  1. Bames
    April 2, 2013

    I think Ardalion is a great name. :)

  2. C.B. Wentworth
    April 2, 2013

    Hello, fellow A to Zer! I absolutely love that name. :-)

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