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Lore-640x426Lore is a pretty little name, mainly seen as a diminutive for names like Eleonore and Loretta. But it has more than one origin, lets see what they are:

  • It is a diminutive of Eleonore which is the Roman form of the Old Provencal name Alienor meaning the “other Aenor.”
  • It is a diminutive of Loretta which either means “man from Laurentum” or “laurel.”
  • Means “flower” in Basque

It can also be a diminutive of other names like Hannelore, Annalore etc Lore is pronounced LOHR-uh

Lore is also an English word, meaning “the story or reasoning behind occurances.” Think Egyptian lore, folklore, priestly lore, legal lore etc In English it is pronounced LOR.

Lore is quite popular in Belgium, ranking at #11. It has not ranked anywhere else but there is some usage in countries like Sweden and Denmark.

Notable Bearers:

  • Lore, the title character in the 2012 film
  • Lore Sjoberg, internet humorist
  • Lore, an android in the tv show Star Trek

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