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nephelewipcolorGreek Mythology is a great source for name, and Nepehele “the nymph of the heavens” is definitely no ugly duckling.

In Greek legend Ixion the king of the Lapiths wasn’t exactly a nice guy according to Hera. The goddess had reported to Zeus that Ixion had violated her. But Zeus wasn’t willing to punish the king on her word, instead he decided to create a cloud in the shape of Hera to tempt Ixion…And validate Hera’s claim.

The cloud was called Nephele, and Ixion was easily fooled by Zeus’s ruse. He violated the phantom, and later Nephele conceived and birthed the tribe of Kentauroi (Centaurs). Ixion was subsequently arrested and chained to a fiery wheel for the rest of eternity.

She is also the mother of Phrixus and Helle by Athamas.

Nephele, pronounced Nef-eh-lee, means “cloudy” in Greek. It is the Latin variant of Nubes. Its a very rare name with no sign that it has ever ranked anywhere in the world.

It is also the root of “nephelometer” which is a modern scientific instrument used to study clouds.


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