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Levon-Biss_Quentin-Tarantino_071212-2894_V1‘Q’ names are rarely used, yet would you use Quentin? A solid classic French name with Roman roots, Quentin derives from the cognomen Quintinus meaning “fifth” in Latin.  It is a name traditionally given to a fifth child or a child born in the fifth month. In English it is pronounced Kwen-tin, and in French sort of like Kawn-tin.

At the moment, the rankings for Quentin go like this:

  • France: #39
  • U.S.A:  #407
  • England/Wales: #2629 as of 2010
  • Belgium: #91 as of 2007 (it has left the top 100 since)
  • Australia: N/A

Quentin is also the name of a Saint, although the tale isn’t all that nice. Saint Quentin (also known as Quintinus) was a Roman who went to Gaul as a missionary with St. Lucian of Beauvais, and settled at Amiens in Picardy. He was so successful in preaching that he was imprisoned by prefect Rictiovarus, tortured, and then brought to Augusta Veromanduorum (known as Saint-Quentin today in Northern France), where he was again tortured and then was beheaded. He is now known as a martyr and a saint.

Other notable bearers:

  • Quentin Taratino-famous film director
  • Quentin Blake-British cartoonist, most known for illustrating the books by Roald Dahl
  • Quentin Roosevelt-the youngest son of President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Quentin Bryce-first female Governor-General of Australia



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