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Naming The Fishes (Literally!)

I realize by naming my blog ‘Naming the Fishes’ I have created some confusion…

  1. First, the main indication that my blog is about names in general (is in the subtitle).
  2. People think this blog is about naming actual fish

The search terms can provide a lot of information.

I’m not renaming my blog, but for those who actually want to name their fish then this blog post is for you.


Alcyone | Feminine name meaning “kingfisher” in Greek (latinized).  In Greek myth this name belonged to a daughter of Aeolus and the wife of Ceyx.
Fishel | Masculine name meaning “little fish” in Yiddish.
Fishke | Variant of Fishel.
Mina | Means “fish” in Sanskrit.  This is the name of the daughter of the Hindu god Kubera.
Minali | Means “fish catcher” in Sanskrit.
Trafford | A surname derived from a place name meaning “fishtrap ford” in Old English.


Aeronwy | Welsh meaning “berry” and “river.”
Aysu | Derived from Turkish ay “moon” and su “water”.
Conway | Possibly means “holy water” in Welsh.
Dalit | Means “to draw water” in Hebrew.”
Damla | Means “water drop” in Turkish.
Irving | Scottish place name that means “green water.”
Mayim | Means “water” in Hebrew.
Moana | Means “wide expanse of water, sea” in Maori.
Mortimer | Means ‘still water” in Old French.
Nerida | Possibly means “water lily” in one of the Indigenous Australian Aboriginal languages.
Saraswati |Means “possessing water” in Sanskrit.
Shui | Means “water” in Mandarin Chinese
Tirta | Means “holy water” in Indonesian.


Ahti | This is the name of the Finnish god of the ocean, rivers and fishing.
Anahita | This was the name of the Persian goddess of fertility and water. It means “immaculate, underfiled.”
Anat | Anat was a goddess of fertility, hunting and war. It possibly means “water spring.”
Dagon |Dagon was the name of a Semitic god of agriculture, usually depicted with the body of a fish. It means “grain.”
Haurvatat | This was the name of a Zoroastrian goddess of health and water. The name means  “health, perfection, wholeness” in Avestan.
Lorelei | This is the name of a rock headland on the Rhine River. Legends say that a maiden named the Lorelei lives on the rock and lures fishermen to their death with her song. The name means “luring rock.”
Melusine | In European folklore Melusine was a water fairy who turned into a serpent from the waist down every Saturday.
Mokosh | Mokosh was a Slavic goddess of water, fertility, and weaving. The name means “wet, moist.”
Nereus | Nereus means “water.” In Greek myth this was the name of a god of the sea, the father of the Nereids.
Okeanos |The name of the body of water thought by the ancient Greeks to surround the Earth.
Salacia | Salacia was the goddess of salt water, her name means “salt.”

Literature/Movies/Comics etc:

Kenny | (Kenny the Shark)
Nemo | (Finding Nemo)
Sherman | (Sherman’s Lagoon)
Edward | (Big Fish)
Undine | (Undine by  Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué)
Norval(The Cat In The Hat)
Flounder(The Little Mermaid)
Charlie | (Starkist Tuna)
Otto | (A Fish Out of Water)
Blinky | (The Simpsons)

You can also draw inspiration from sailors, ships, other fictional fishy characters etc etc Its fun!

3 comments on “Naming The Fishes (Literally!)

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  2. Ooh there’s some lovely watery names here! Anahita and Minali are gorgeous.

    I made the possible error of lightheartedly answering someone’s Googled questions about unisex budgie names … it’s now one of the most common search terms used to reach my blog! Someone needs to start a budgie name blog pronto.

  3. namingthefishes
    June 9, 2013

    Haha, maybe I should do that!

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