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The Many Names Of Ralph Fiennes

ralph_fiennes_1Ralph Fiennes has played many characters, some of which have names that feel too out there like Voldemort and Magwitch. Although the names below may not be any different they are the cream of the crop from many origins, literary and historical.




Heathcliff -A name created by Emily Bronte for her novel Wuthering Heights, meaning “from the heath cliff.”

Amon -The Greek from of Egyptian Ymn meaning “the hidden one.”

Lazlo -Variant of the Hungarian name László, a form of Vladislav meaning “to rule with glory.”

Rameses -From the Egyptian Rmssu meaning “son of Ra.”

Maurice -From the Roman name Mauritius meaning “dark skinned.”

Cauis -Roman variant of Gauis meaning “happy.”

Barton -An English surname meaning “barley town.”

Ignatz -The German form of Ignatius meaning, the meaning is unknown but it is of Etruscan origin.

Marcel -The French form of Marcellus, derived from the name Mars the Roman god of war.

Lastly lets look at Ralph‘s name:

Ralph is the contracted form of the Old Norse name  RÁÐÚLFR. It most likely means “wolf counsel” as it is derived from the Norse elements ráð “counsel” and ráð “wolf.” It can be pronounced RALF, RAYF or RAHLF.


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