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The Many Names Of Cate Blanchett

Film Cate BlanchettIt seems like the talented Australian actress has played some interestingly named characters as well, my favorite would probably be Daisy.

Jasmine -The English word for the climbing plant with fragrant flowers, it is derived from the Persian word Yasamen.

Lucinda-Created by Cervantes for his novel Don Quixote, it is an elaboration of Lucia which means “light.”

Magdalena-Latinate form of Magdalene which means “of Magdala.” Magdala was a village on the Sea of Galilee, meaning “tower.”

Sheba-Many characters in the Old Testament bore this Hebrew name which means “oath.”

Irina-The Russian/Bulgarian etc form of the name Irene meaning “peace.”

Daisy-The English word for the white flower, it is derived from an Old English name that means “day eye.”

Marion-This is the Medieval French diminutive of the name Marie. The meaning is debated, it could mean “bitterness” or “wished for child” etc etc.

Penelope-Possibly derived from the Greek Penelops, a type of duck. It could also mean “threads, weft.”

Galadriel-Coined by the author J.R.R Tolkien which means “maiden crowned with a radiant garland” in the made up language Sindarin.

Tremaine-A Celtic surname which possibly refers to a specific stone of some size, probably used as a tribal, parish or even a county boundary.

Now let’s look at Cate‘s name:

Cate is a diminutive of Katherine, a name derived from the Greek Aikaterine. The origin of Aikaterine though is debated, it could come from Hekateros meaning “each of two.” It could also derive from the goddess name Hecate meaning “far off.” There are several other possible origins too. However now it most likely associated with the Greek katharos meaning “pure.”


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