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The Many Names Of Sir Ian Mckellen

ian_mckellen_daysThis prolific Sir has played many characters with names so quirky and unusual it is easy to spot in a crowd.

Zebedee-The Greek form of the Biblical name Zebadiah meaning “Yahweh has bestowed.”

Amos-Amos was one of the twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament, his name means “carried” in Hebrew.

Gandalf-In Old Norse this name means “wand elf.”

Iago-Welsh form of Jacob meaning either “holder of the heel,” “supplanter,” or “may God protect.”

Hamish-Anglicized form of the Scottish name Seumas, derived from James (same meanings as Jacob).

Prospero-Italian form of Prosper which means “fortunate, successful.”

Lear-From Leir, perhaps derived from Llyr meaning “the sea” in Welsh.

Emile-French form of the Roman name Aemillius meaning “rival.”

Reinhardt-Probably a variant of the Germanic name Raginhard, meaning “advice, brave.”

And lastly let’s look at Ian‘s name:

Ian is the Modern Scottish form of John which is the English of Iohannes. Iohannes is derived from the Hebrew Yochanan meaning “Yahweh is gracious.” It is pronounced EE-an.



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