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The Many Names of Peter Capaldi


Peter Capaldi is a Scottish actor who has played a grand deal of roles (106 on screen as a matter of fact). He is also an Oscar winner and the next in line to play the Doctor, a significant character in British popular culture. As it turns out he has played many characters with awesome names, unfortunately I can only showcase a few.

Balthazar-Variant of Belshazzar meaning “protect the king,” it is traditionally assigned to one of the three wise men that visited the newborn Jesus.
Claude-The French feminine and masculine form of Claudius meaning “lame, crippled.”
Eamonn-The Irish form of Edmund meaning “rich protector.” It is pronounced Ay-mon.
Everard-A rare English name meaning “brave boar.”
Duncan-The Anglicized form of Gaelic Donnchadh meaning “brown warrior.”
Lucien-French form of Lucianus, a Roman family name meaning “light.”
Ozzie-English diminutive of Oswald “god, rule” and Osborn “god, bear.”And other names beginning with the same sound.
Randall-An English surname derived from the given name Randel meaning “rim (of a shield).”
Robin-Medieval diminutive of Robert meaning “bright fame.”
Rory-Anglicized form of Ruaidhri meaning “red king.”
Tristram-Medieval English form of Tristan which was derived from Drustan meaning “riot” or “tumult.” The spelling was altered by association with Latin tristis “sad.”
Vera-A Russian feminine name meaning “faith.”
Zeno-From Greek name Zenon, connected to Zeus, meaning “shine” or “sky.”

And lastly lets look at Peter’s name:

Peter is derived from the Greek name Petros meaning “stone.” Namesakes abound: Saint Peter, Peter the Great, Peter Rabbit, Peter Jackson etc etc

It is currently ranked at #205 in the US, #155 in the UK and #8 in Hungary.

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