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Dorothea might be seeing a resurgence of interest in the near future due to its vintage cred, but how about its diminutive Dortchen? In Northern Germany, diminutives typically end in -chen … Continue reading

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On the quest to find Italian names for a little project I came across Marzia, a name connected to the likes of Marcella, Marcy and Marsaili. Its a sweet name, … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey Series: April, Zoe and Kian

Today I’ve decided to look at not one, but three names from one of my favorite game series of all time. The third installment (Dreamfall Chapters) has just successively completed a kickstarter, raising 1.5 mill to … Continue reading

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When we think of botanical names, the first to come to mind might be Rose, Violet, Dahlia… But have you ever thought of Celandine, a rare name with interesting origins. … Continue reading

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Phryne may not have the prettiest sound, or history or even meaning…But it sure is interesting. In Ancient Greece Phryne was a nickname meaning “toad.” A nickname bestowed upon a … Continue reading

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Greek Mythology is a great source for name, and Nepehele “the nymph of the heavens” is definitely no ugly duckling. In Greek legend Ixion the king of the Lapiths wasn’t exactly a … Continue reading

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Lore is a pretty little name, mainly seen as a diminutive for names like Eleonore and Loretta. But it has more than one origin, lets see what they are: It is a diminutive of … Continue reading

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Jerusha is a Hebrew girl’s name that means “inheritance; possession (married).” In the Old Testament Jerusha is the wife of King Uzziah of Judah, daughter of Zadok and mother of … Continue reading

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Today’s name is a pretty, little German name enjoying a nice surge of popularity… For many the main association with this name is the title character in the children’s novel … Continue reading

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Today’s name is a surname typically seen as a girl name, although it could definitely be masculine too! Fallon is derived from the Irish surname O Fallamhaim, meaning “descendant of … Continue reading

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If you are looking for a name with flapper girl imagery, Della might be the one for you. And like many names from that era it is considered obscure now. … Continue reading

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Bethari (pronounced be-TAH-ree)  is the Javanese form of Batari, which means “goddess” in Indonesian. Bethara is the masculine version meaning “god.” Though it shouldn’t be confused with Dewi, which is … Continue reading

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Neith, the name of the Egyptian goddess of war and hunting. An interesting namesake and a revered one too. As you can expect Neith has never charted, maybe because she … Continue reading

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If you are looking for an Irish name thats different in the crowd of Aidans and Erins, Firinne might just be the name for you. In the late 19th century … Continue reading

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