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Do you want to see something you love up on the blog? A favorite name. Names from a favorite TV show, Movie, Novel, Video Game, Comic etc etc.

Well, its possible.

All you have to do is submit this form, or comment below.

The Types of Articles I Write

  • Name Profiles
  • List of names found in TV Shows/Movies/Novels/Video Games/Comics etc
  • Born On (Insert date/or special day like Christmas)
  • The Many Names of Actors
  • Getting to (Nickname)
  • Names Worn By Mythical Creatures

For reference please check the articles page.

Extra Notes

  • You can request as many things as you want and I will try to do at least two
  • Please be patient, it might take me awhile to do your requests due to other engagements (school, work, family). But I will try to do it as quickly as I can.

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