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Welcome to Naming the Fishes! A blog about names, history and a little bit of pop culture. As always my writing stems from my hobbies, be it books, games or history and this blog is no different.

My name is Olivia, albeit quite popular now it has served me well so far and I’m comforted by the fact that it will age well. Currently I’m an University student with no children to speak of, and no desire to have them until at least my late 20s, most probably early 30s. Yet I love names, I love learning what other people have called their children, the meaning and history behind names, historical sibsets etc etc Let me say first that I’m quite obsessed. And as I’m learning about international affairs at University, I can be quite besotted with names from other cultures which you will see popping up in my blog posts from time to time.

Overall I hope you enjoy your time here

all the best,







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I also run another blog called ‘The Book Minx’ where I review books and movies

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