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The Many Names of Laurence Olivier


Laurence Olivier
A suave Shakespearian actor Laurence Olivier was touted as one of the best and is still remembered fondly long after his death for his iconic roles. As for the names of the characters he has portrayed, as you guessed it they’re pretty awesome.

Rudolf -From the Germanic name “Hrodulf” meaning “fame” and “wolf.” It has been worn by several rulers from different parts of Europe.
Pfeuffer -Pfeuffer is a German surname, it either means “piper” or “merchant of spices (pepper).”
Cantor -Cantor (“singer”) comes from the pre 10th century Frankish word cantroir which means “enchanter or magician.” This indicates that the name is closely related to the travelling theatres in medieval times. Cantor is a surname.
Julius -From the Roman family name meaning “downy-bearded.” Although it is possible that it’s derived from the name Jupiter meaning “father.”
Ezra -A Hebrew name meaning “help.” Ezra is a prophet in the Old Testament.
Loren -Loren is an unisex name being either a short form of Laurence or a variant of Lauren. (See meaning below).
Ivan -An old Slavic name derived from the name John meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”
Piotr -The Polish form of Peter meaning “stone.” It is pronounced  PYAWTR.
Crassus -A Roman cognomen derived from the Latin adjective meaning “solid, dense.”
Horatio -The English variant of Horatius meaning “hour, time, season.”
Maxim -The Russian form of Maximus, a Roman family name meaning “greatest.”

And lastly let’s look at Laurence‘s name:

Laurence comes from the Roman cognomen Laurentius which means “from Laurentum.” Laurentum was a city in ancient Italy, the name possibly derived from the Latin laurus meaning “laurel.” It is the name of many religious icons, for example the 7th century archbishop of Canterbury.




2 comments on “The Many Names of Laurence Olivier

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    January 17, 2014

    Ooh, I love Julius, Ezra and Maxim. Crassus probably isn’t about to make a comeback any time soon though ….

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