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50 Authors And Their Children
Australian Actors And Their Children

All About Austen
All About Dahl

Born On Imbolc
Born On Valentine’s Day

Names From Dishonored
Names From Dragon Age: Origins

Names From Dragon Age II
The Longest Journey Series: April, Zoe and Kian

Classic Children’s Novels: A Name List
Names Found In (Books): Bitter Greens
Labyrinth (TV series/book)

Getting to Miri

Naming The Fishes (Literally!)

Names Worn By Dragons
Names Worn By Elves
Names Worn By Fairies
Names Worn By Minotaurs
Names Worn By Vampires
Names Worn By Werewolves

The Many Names Of Cate Blanchett
The Many Names Of Ellen Page
The Many Names of Sir Ian Mckellen
The Many Names Of Meryl Streep
The Many Names Of Nicole Kidman
The Many Names Of Peter Capaldi
The Many Names Of Ralph Fiennes


Update: Forbidden Names
Name Statistics For Australians


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