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Names From Dragon Age Origins

With news of Dragon Age 3 set to come out in the next year or so I thought it would be perfect to profile some of the names of the characters in the series so far. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about Dragon Age is a dark fantasy video game series set in a Tolkien-esque world. A world full of mystery, magic and religion with humans, elves, dwarves, horned humanoids, loving pooches and so much more its understandable Dragon Age is one of the more loved series out there. However due to there being so many characters in each game, I’ve decided to break this into three parts. The first part profiling names from the first game, Dragon Age: Origins. To make things easier I have categorised all of the names so you have a clue what is real and what is made up, feel free to skip over the made up names but you might be missing out on a few great coinages.

Without further ado I present you the names of Dragon Age: Origins!

Real Names

Alistair |Anglicized form of the Scottish Alasdair, a variant derived from Alexander meaning defending men|(male)
Aneirin |Welsh name possibly meaning “noble”|(male)
Branka |Feminine form of Serbian Branko meaning “protection”|(female)
Cassian |Anglicized form of Ancient Roman Cassius meaning “empty, vain”|(male)
Cesar |French, Portugese, Spanish form of Caesar meaning “hairy”|(male)
Cullen |An English surname derived from the Old French Cologne, the name of a city in Germany|
Daveth |Cornish form of David meaning “beloved”|(male)
Dilwyn |Welsh meaning “genuine and white”|(male)
Eamon |Irish form of Edmund meaning “rich protector”|(male)
Greagoir |Irish form of Gregory meaning “watchful, alert”|(male)
Iona |Scottish place name, from the Old Norse word ey meaning “island”|(female)
Isolde |Celtic name, most possibly Germanic (though unsure) in origin meaning “ice, battle”|(female)
Jowan |Cornish form of John meaning “God is gracious”|(male)
Marjolaine |Means “marjoram” in French. Marjoram is a minty herb|(female)
Mithra |Persian meaning “oath, alliance, friend.” |(male)
Morrigan |Irish meaning “great queen”|(female)
Oriana |Italian meaning “gold”|(female)
Perpetua |Derived from Latin perpetuus meaning “continuous”|(female)
Petra |Feminine form of Peter meaning “stone”|(female)
Riordan |Irish meaning “little poet king”|(male)
Sten |Derived from the Old Norse name Steinn meaning “stone”|(male)
Taliesin |Welsh meaning “shining brow”|(male)
Tavish |Scottish form of Thomas meaning “twin”|(male)
Valora |Esperanto meaning “valuable”|(female)
Vaughan |Welsh surname meaning “little”|(male)
Wynne |Welsh meaning “blessed, white, fair”|(unisex)


Anora |of Annora, a Medieval English variant of Honora meaning “honour”|
Cailan |of Cailean, Scottish meaning “whelp, young dog”|
Corra |of Cora, a name created by James Fenimore Cooper for his novel ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ (1826)|
Leliana |of Liliana, latinate form of Lillian which could be derived from Elizabeth meaning “my god is my oath” or possibly meaning “lily”|
Loghain |of Logan, Scottish surname meaning “little hollow”|
Shale |of Sha’ul, Hebrew meaning “asked for” or “prayed for”|

Made Up Names Worth Mentioning


And there’s more where that came from, check this link to read about any of the characters whose names you are interested in.

Stay tuned for the next part-Dragon Age 2


5 comments on “Names From Dragon Age Origins

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    November 10, 2012

    That game certainly has some great names – I used it as inspiration for the name Wynne, on my blog.

    Oriana and Valora are really dramatic, as is Goldanna.

    I have actually seen quite a few babies and toddlers named Elora; I’m not sure whether from the game or not.

  2. namingthefishes
    November 11, 2012

    Elora was a minor character in the game (a side quest) so I doubt people were naming their children after her, though its possible. It is a pretty name, but the first connection that comes to mind is the baby from Willow (the movie)—maybe that was their inspiration?

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