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Names From Dragon Age Inquisition

With the final DLC out, I thought I might delve into the wonderful names from Dragon Age Inquisition. I will not be repeating any of the names from my previous entries: Names from Dragon Age Origins and Names From Dragon Age II. Sorry Cullen fans.

Real Names

Alexius | Latinised from of Greek Alexios meaning “helper” or “defender.”
Belinda | A English name, possibly related to Italian Bella “beautiful” or Germanic lind “dragon” or linde “soft, tender.”
Calpernia | Variant of Ancient Roman name Calpurnia. This was the name Julius Caesar’s last wife.
Celene | French variant of Selene meaning “moon.”
Cillian | An Irish name meaning “church.”
Cole | An Old English surname meaning “charcoal.”
 | Variant of Old Norse name Dagny meaning “day” and “new.”
Dorian | An English name created by Oscar Wilde for his novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey.’ He may have taken inspiration from a Greek tribe called the Dorians.
Fiona | Feminine form of Irish Fionn meaning “fair” or “white.”
Gaspard | French form of Jasper meaning “treasurer.”
Giselle | French name meaning “hostage” or “pledge.”
Harding | English surname meaning “brave, hardy.”
Josephine | French feminine form of Joseph meaning “he will add.”
Justinia | Catalan form of Justinian meaning “just.”
Luka | Form of Luke meaning “from Lucania.”
Pala | The Icelandic feminine form of Paul, which means “small” or “humble.”
Roderick | A Germanic name meaning “famous power.”
Samson | From Hebrew name Shimshon meaning “sun.”
Sera | Either a variant of Sarah meaning “princess” or a diminutive of Seraphina meaning “fiery ones.”
Sidony | Feminine form of Sidonius meaning “of Sidon.”
Tamar | Means “palm tree” in Hebrew.
Thornton | An Old English surname meaning “thorn town.”
Vivienne | French form of Viviana meaning “alive.”

Made Up Names Worth Mentioning


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