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Names From Dragon Age II

ArishokpaintOkay, so I’m finally continuing the series I wrote about Dragon Age a few months ago-this time names from Dragon Age 2. The second game suffered a lot of backlash, details of which I will not repeat here but it still showcased a lot of great names.  This time I found a larger ratio of names that were actually real which was a delight, but still the made up ones do not disappoint! I have also listed names from some unsavory characters, who I doubt you would want to honor but if you want the lowdown on each and every character visit this page. The wiki the link directs to has a range of information on the Dragon Age games if you wish to get more acquainted, there is some fascinating lore I assure you. But I guess we should get back to the names, so without further ado I present you the names of Dragon Age 2!

Real Names

Agatha |Latinized form of the Greek name Agathe meaning “good”.
Allure | From the English word allure (which also has French roots), meaning “fascination, charm, appeal”.
Anders | Scandinavian form of Andreas, meaning “of man.”
Anso | Short form of Germanic names beginning with the element ans meaning “god”.
Aveline | Debated origins, it can be the synonym of hazenut or derived from Avila possibly meaning “desired.”
Bethany | Hebrew name meaning “house of figs.”
Bran | Welsh name meaning “raven.”
Cassandra | Greek name meaning “shining upon man.”
Carver | From an English surname which meant “wood carver”.
Dougal | Dougal is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name Dubhghall, which means “dark stranger.”
Emeric | French form of Emmerich meaning “industrious ruler or universal ruler.”
Emrys | Welsh form of Ambrose meaning “immortal.”
Evelina | Latinate form of Aveline, see meaning above.
Fenris | Short form of the Old Norse Fenrisúlfr meaning “wolf.”
Hadriana | Feminine form of Hadrianus meaning “from Hadria.”
Isabela | Latinate form of Isabel, which is derived from Elizabeth meaning “my God is an oath” or “my God is abundance”.
Janeka | Diminutive of Jane meaning “Yahweh is gracious.”
Leandra | Feminine form of Leander meaning “lion of a man.”
Meredith | Welsh name meaning “great lord” or “sea lord.”
Merrill | From an English surname which was derived from the given name Muriel meaning “bright sea.”
Nyssa | From the name of an ancient town of Asia Minor, also the genus name of the tree Tupelo.
Olivia | Created by William Shakespeare who perhaps based it on the Latin word Oliva which means “olive.”
Orsino | Italian form of the Roman name Ursinus meaning “bear.”
Pryce | Variant of the surname Price meaning “son of Rhys.”
Quentin | French form of the Roman name Quintinus meaning “fifth” in Latin.
Sabin | From Sabinus, a Roman (Latin) cognomen meaning “Sabine”. The Sabines were an ancient people who lived in central Italy, their lands eventually taken over by the Romans after several wars.
Sebastian | From the Latin name Sebastianus which means “from Sebaste.”
Viveka | Swedish form of Wiebke, a Medieval short form of Germanic names which meant “war.”
Wesley | From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning “west meadow” in Old English.
Xenon | Derived from Greek xenos meaning “stranger, foreigner”.


Arianni | of Arianna, an italian form of Ariadne meaning “most holy.”
Castillon | of Castillion or Castillo meaning “castle.”
Dulci | of Dulce which means “sweet” or “candy” in Spanish.
Hawke | of the surname Hawk, originally a nickname for a person who had a hawk-like appearance or who acted in a fierce manner.
Idunna | of Idunn, an Old Norse name meaning “to love.” In Norse mythology Idunn was the goddess of spring and immortality whose responsibility it was to guard the gods’ apples of youth.

Made Up Names Worth Mentioning


3 comments on “Names From Dragon Age II

  1. waltzingmorethanmatilda
    February 23, 2013

    I went to primary school with a Nyssa; I always thought it was an interesting name.

  2. namingthefishes
    February 25, 2013

    Nyssa is very interesting and pretty :]

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